About Us

Foun­ded as a family busi­ness, Klü­ger Con­sul­ting is the result of mer­ging two worlds. The aim is to help tou­rism and tra­ve­ling as a whole to a sus­tainable future. The two foun­ders are a team of father and son. While Romeo Klü­ger, gra­duate in busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion, has been head of an inter­na­tio­nal tour ope­ra­tor for more than 30 years, Dus­tin Klü­ger, M.Sc. Envi­ron­men­tal sci­en­ces, brings exper­tise for sus­tainable per­spec­ti­ves and modern solu­ti­ons. In this way, the best of the worlds of busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion and sus­taina­bi­lity can be united.

Our ser­vices are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by their indi­vi­dual approach. Due to the very direct con­tact with our cus­to­mers, we are able to empa­thize very well with the com­pa­nies and their func­tio­n­ing. Only in this way can we, rea­lize tailor-made solu­ti­ons for more sus­taina­bi­lity. In addi­tion, we offer the hig­hest level of fle­xi­bi­lity and do not push our cus­to­mers to unwan­ted addi­tio­nal offers which are man­da­tory for e.g. sus­taina­bi­lity labels.

Our ser­vices include ana­ly­sis and on-site con­sul­ting as well as semi­nars and trai­ning, edu­ca­tion and long-term sup­port to the desi­red goals. We com­ply with inter­na­tio­nally reco­gni­zed envi­ron­men­tal and sus­taina­bi­lity stan­dards and take a neu­tral and fact-based posi­tion through our consult.

We look for­ward to accom­pany­ing you as part of a sus­tainable tou­rism landscape.

Romeo Klü­ger

Inte­res­ted in more sustainability?

If you think that we are the right part­ner for your path to more sus­taina­bi­lity, please feel free to con­tact us. During a free get-to-know, we will dis­cuss about sus­taina­bi­lity solu­ti­ons tailo­red to your com­pany and your region, which offer clear advan­ta­ges not only for you but also for the envi­ron­ment. We look for­ward to hea­ring from you!