Eco­lo­gi­cal Sustainability

Eco­lo­gi­cal sus­taina­bi­lity is the aspect which is most often asso­cia­ted with sus­tainable thin­king. And even if sus­taina­bi­lity has to be more than just eco­lo­gi­cally sus­tainable, it is beco­m­ing incre­a­singly important to pay atten­tion to envi­ron­men­tal com­pa­ti­bi­lity. Having said that, being envi­ron­ment­ally sus­tainable can pay off! With incre­a­sing media atten­tion to the topic, eco­lo­gi­cally sus­tainable busi­nes­ses and desti­na­ti­ons have an added value.

We con­sult you on various solu­ti­ons to incre­ase the envi­ron­men­tal sus­taina­bi­lity of your business.

Com­bat Cli­mate Change

One of the topics cur­r­ently domi­na­ting the media is cli­mate change and its con­se­quen­ces for our society. Tou­rism is also beco­m­ing incre­a­singly cri­ti­ci­zed in this regard. Com­pa­nies and desti­na­ti­ons that are proac­tive in com­ba­ting cli­mate change not only stand out with their clear com­pe­ti­tive advan­tage, they also actively ensure the future of their busi­ness and beyond.

We will intro­duce you to the dif­fe­rent ways to tackle cli­mate change wit­hin your busi­ness. In addi­tion, we advise you on which opti­ons make the most sense in your con­text. Our solu­ti­ons are always focu­sed on crea­ting added value for your busi­ness and making it more attrac­tive to guests.

Pre­serve Resources

Pre­ser­ving res­sour­ces and making sen­si­ble choices bet­ween rene­wa­ble and non-rene­wa­ble res­sour­ces can make huge dif­fe­ren­ces in your business’s per­for­mance. Those who reduce their own con­sump­tion of raw mate­ri­als, pro­tect the envi­ron­ment and save money. In addi­tion, the use of rene­wa­ble raw mate­ri­als in the long run can pro­vide strong eco­no­mic benefits.

We help you to con­serve resour­ces without sacri­fi­cing qua­lity. We will gladly assist you in weig­hing up whe­ther and in how far the switch to rene­wa­ble raw mate­ri­als makes sense in your case.

Use Local Products

Loca­lity and regio­na­lity is in vogue. Recently even large gro­cery stores incre­ase pro­mo­ting local pro­ducts. There are many rea­sons for this. Short deli­very rou­tes ensure a bet­ter envi­ron­men­tal per­for­mance and the pro­ducts can be offe­red in a very dif­fe­rent fresh­ness and qua­lity. Moreo­ver, in many cases, local and regio­nal pro­ducts are not more expen­sive than those which ori­gi­nate from farer away.

We help you to get an over­view of the pos­si­bi­li­ties that exist in your region, estab­lish con­ta­cts and pro­mote your own efforts in the regio­nal support.

Incor­po­rate Rene­wa­ble Energies

Rene­wa­ble ener­gies are the tech­no­logy of the future. In addi­tion to clean energy pro­duc­tion, they also have many other bene­fits. Com­pa­nies and desti­na­ti­ons that move to rene­wa­ble ener­gies are beco­m­ing more sus­tainable, more inde­pen­dent of fluc­tua­ting energy pri­ces and have great poten­tial to cut costs.

We advise you on the cur­r­ently avail­able tech­no­lo­gies, their costs and bene­fits in their indi­vi­dual con­text and the cur­rent fun­ding oppor­tu­nities wit­hin your coun­try and region.

Create Mea­ning­ful Experiences

Many guests demand not only a sus­tainable ope­ra­tion and a sus­tainable desti­na­tion but also a mea­ning­ful expe­ri­ence. A las­ting fee­ling can be inten­si­fied very well through the appro­priate leisure acti­vi­ties. In addi­tion, a wide range of leisure acti­vi­ties can also incre­ase the attrac­ti­ve­ness to incre­ase the length of stay. Leisure acti­vi­ties should appeal to as many guests as pos­si­ble, yet be as uni­que as pos­si­ble. In this way, your com­pany and your desti­na­tion can effec­tively dis­tin­guish its­elf against competitors.

Whe­ther active, culi­nary or know­ledge ori­en­ted, we help you create sus­tainable tra­vel offers that offer your guests the per­fect all-round experience.

Use Eco­sys­tems

Using and pro­mo­ting local eco­sys­tems not only helps to make an effec­tive con­tri­bu­tion to bio­di­ver­sity, it also enhan­ces one’s own attrac­ti­ve­ness and can have a posi­tive effect on visi­tor num­bers and ratings. The pro­mo­tion of bees, local domestic ani­mals and wild ani­mals, rare plant spe­cies and others are in vogue and have a sym­pa­the­tic look. In addi­tion, local eco­sys­tems can be pro­mo­ted and used as an inde­pen­dent and cost-effec­tive addi­tio­nal offer.

Tog­e­ther, we will dis­co­ver the eco­lo­gi­cal poten­tial of your region. We deve­lop pro­grams and offers that suit your com­pany and help to put the natu­ral beauty of your sur­roun­ding in the spotlight.

Use Regio­na­lity and Seasonality

Regio­nal and sea­so­nal pro­ducts can reduce your own ope­ra­ting costs and con­vey a sus­tainable image. In addi­tion, the con­scious use of regio­nal and sea­so­nal pro­ducts pro­tects the envi­ron­ment and streng­t­hens the local com­mu­nity. This often gives rise to unpre­ce­den­ted oppor­tu­nities for collaboration.

How can you bring your own envi­ron­ment as well as pos­si­ble into the com­pany or the desti­na­tion? We search with you for oppor­tu­nities to use local and sea­so­nal alter­na­ti­ves in a cost and mar­ke­ting effec­tive man­ner. We would also be happy to help you set up a local net­work and appro­priate marketing.

Inte­res­ted in more sustainability?

If you think that we are the right part­ner for your path to more sus­taina­bi­lity, please feel free to con­tact us. During a free get-to-know, we will dis­cuss about sus­taina­bi­lity solu­ti­ons tailo­red to your com­pany and your region, which offer clear advan­ta­ges not only for you but also for the envi­ron­ment. We look for­ward to hea­ring from you!