Sus­taina­bi­lity Management

Sus­taina­bi­lity manage­ment is the base for an effi­ci­ent busi­ness. It is necessary to imple­ment and improve the per­for­mance of sus­taina­bi­lity effec­tively, a variety of sus­taina­bi­lity manage­ment opti­ons are avail­able. A mature sus­taina­bi­lity manage­ment not only offers inter­nal bene­fits, it is also an important part of the com­mu­ni­ca­tion stra­tegy and beco­mes an obli­ga­tion in more and more fields.
Com­pa­nies with a well-deve­lo­ped sus­taina­bi­lity manage­ment can com­pete in the gro­wing sus­tainable tou­rism mar­ket and incre­ase the attrac­ti­ve­ness to poten­tial guests and tour operators.

Exter­nal Sus­taina­bi­lity Management

In most cases, sus­taina­bi­lity manage­ment requi­res work inten­sive peri­ods, but also rest peri­ods in which the various mea­su­res are imple­men­ted. Espe­cially in com­pa­nies that pre­fer a more mode­rate ori­en­ta­tion in terms of sus­taina­bi­lity, it does not make sense to open an addi­tio­nal inter­nal position.

With our exper­tise on the sub­ject, we are happy to take on the post of sus­taina­bi­lity manage­ment, often also cal­led the CSR Depart­ment, for your busi­ness. By that, you do not only save costs, but also time, that can be used for more urgent mat­ters. At the same time, you can be sure that your com­pany will always be up to date with the latest trends and gui­de­li­nes on various sus­taina­bi­lity issues.

Mis­sion State­ment Creation

Cor­po­rate mis­sion state­ments are an essen­tial part of a sus­tainable busi­ness and serve both to com­mu­ni­cate extern­ally and intern­ally. Wit­hin the mis­sion state­ment, the indi­vi­dual mis­sion is defi­ned and the com­pany is pre­sen­ted as a sus­tainable par­ti­ci­pant in society.
In addi­tion to the self-moti­va­tion to create a mis­sion state­ment, it is incre­a­singly requi­red from various actors. Many cer­ti­fiers, as well as tour ope­ra­tors and envi­ron­ment­ally con­scious guests, demand a clear and cor­rect mis­sion statement. 

Tog­e­ther, we will create a sui­ta­ble model for your com­pany that meets all the necessary cri­te­ria. In addi­tion, we ensure an appe­aling pre­sen­ta­tion in order to be able to use the mis­sion state­ment in a broa­der sense for your own marketing.

Tran­si­tion Plan

If you decide to take the step towards sus­taina­bi­lity, it makes sense to do so with the help of a tran­si­tion plan. This plan descri­bes the short- and long-term goals for your sus­tainable busi­ness manage­ment. In addi­tion, the necessary mea­su­res to achieve these goals are out­lined. In the event of a major change towards sus­taina­bi­lity, the Tran­si­tion Plan will help you to keep on track and to avoid unne­cessary detours during imple­men­ta­tion. Thus, buil­ding a sus­tainable busi­ness using a tran­si­tion plan is much simp­ler than it would be without.

In close coope­ra­tion with you, we will create a tran­si­tion plan for your com­pany. In doing so, we ori­en­tate our­sel­ves on the goals and wis­hes you have defi­ned and give addi­tio­nal sug­ges­ti­ons as to what else might need to be con­si­de­red. In addi­tion, we can help you to get a rea­listic idea of the cost and other resour­ces and work required.

Sus­taina­bi­lity Reporting

Anyone who is sus­tainable should publish it. A sus­taina­bi­lity report descri­bes what your invol­ve­ment in social, eco­no­mic and envi­ron­men­tal mat­ters looks like. There are several good rea­sons for a pre­pa­red sus­taina­bi­lity report. On the one hand, the pres­sure of society is incre­a­sing; on the other hand, a sus­taina­bi­lity report will become a legal obli­ga­tion for the fore­see­able future.

Crea­ting a sus­taina­bi­lity report is not only time-con­suming, but often the cri­te­ria for crea­ting it are not known. In addi­tion, com­pa­nies and desti­na­ti­ons are often unaware of how sus­tainable they already are. We create a sui­ta­ble sus­taina­bi­lity report for you accord­ing to cur­rent stan­dards and help you to fully exploit the cur­rent poten­tial. We also ensure an attrac­tive design so that the report can also be publis­hed and used for mar­ke­ting purposes.


Cor­po­rate Social Respon­si­bi­lity, or CSR, is the inde­pen­dent obli­ga­tion of a com­pany and a desti­na­tion to com­ply with various sus­taina­bi­lity stan­dards by taking respon­si­bi­lity for the own actions. Two opti­ons are avail­able here: Create an inde­pen­dent CSR report or get cer­ti­fied and thus com­ply to pre-defi­ned standards.

We offer you various opti­ons for imple­men­ting CSR for your com­pany or your desti­na­tion. We line out what CSR means for your case. If necessary, we pre­pare the appro­priate CSR report for you, advise you on whe­ther cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in your case makes sense and help you to obtain it.

Port­fo­lio Analysis

A port­fo­lio ana­ly­sis can help you to iden­tify yet unseen poten­ti­als. Espe­cially in the still young mar­ket of sus­tainable tou­rism, it is important to know where invest­ments pay off, which pro­ducts could become inte­res­ting in the future and which pro­ducts are now obsolete.

We create port­fo­lio ana­ly­zes for spe­cial offers as well as for your ent­ire com­pany and your desti­na­tion and thus offer you an important buil­ding block for your sus­taina­bi­lity management.

SWOT Ana­ly­sis

Busi­nes­ses and desti­na­ti­ons are uni­que. The­re­fore, there are always aspects in which sus­taina­bi­lity is easier to imple­ment than in others. A strengths and weak­nes­ses ana­ly­sis, or SWOT, reveal where your busi­ness and your desti­na­tion are already at a high level and where there is still some catching up to do.

We work with you to deve­lop all strengths and weak­nes­ses in terms of sus­taina­bi­lity. We also pre­sent ways to use the strengths and eli­mi­nate the weak­nes­ses. If desi­red, we can help you with the implementation.

Inte­res­ted in more sustainability?

If you think that we are the right part­ner for your path to more sus­taina­bi­lity, please feel free to con­tact us. During a free get-to-know, we will dis­cuss about sus­taina­bi­lity solu­ti­ons tailo­red to your com­pany and your region, which offer clear advan­ta­ges not only for you but also for the envi­ron­ment. We look for­ward to hea­ring from you!